POP fashion store

Design & implementation | POP fashion store | Munich, 2008

Pool goes POP

The munich based fashion store POOL is expanding and will have a little bother in Munich, near Sendlinger Street. The design for the new hot spot was developed together with expolab, a well known design&architects office in munich.The main target was to develope a unique fashion store ...



Design, concept and implementation | CHEVROLET | AUTOSALON GENEVA 2009


A faceclift and entire new design concept was developed and impelemented together with the agency Expolab for the client CHEVROLET- especially for the appearence on the autosalon in Geneva 2009.



Design and implementation | JOSEF BAR | Munich2005

JOSEF BAR | Munich

Re-design and refurbishment of an existing nightclub/bar in a lifely and trendy area in Munich, Glockenbach...