Multimedia-Installation | Schrannenhalle 2012 | Munich

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Multimedia-Installation | Schrannenhalle 2012 | Munich

A virtual, cloudy sky is projected into the space of the markethall "Schrannenhalle" right underneath the ceiling of this historical building, with the help of video beamers, LEDs and more than 20.000 strings. The installation with its components becomes a powerful multimedia experience with more than 60 meters of length and about 15 meters width.
Michael Peter Pendry molds sculptural shapes of clouds into the historical market space: 30meter long rows of round about 47.000 meters white polyurethan strings attached almost invisible to the ceilling, 7 meters wide and up to 4 meters high, makes the clouds smoothly float through the public space of the busy market hall.

The typical sound of the city

The white strings were especially produced by a small rope manufacturer near Leipzig. They build a perfect projection space for all the associations Michael Peter Pendry has in mind when it comes to Bavaria. As CLOUDS proofes, these associations go far beyond the pure interpretation of the sky. All sorts of images, colours and animated shapes appear on the surface of the clouds.
The complete market hall is soaked with a range of colours expanding its beauty form sky blue, shades of red sunset colours up to crystal clear night moods. A night and day time change occurs to be present in the hall every 30 minutes accompanied by sounds of the weather, nature and the city itself. The magical atmosphere of the compostion catches the attention of the visitor and takes him on a trip beyond the stressfull everyday life  ..
Last but not least the installation becomes alive through the sound-design that was created together with the munich electro band DIGITAL HAZE. It took more than a few weeks to record the typical sounds of the city, live on the streets, parks and places. These sounds are blended in carefully into the installation and seem to flow through the hall like a sound cloud. Wind, birds, a dog bark, crickets, the curch bell of St.Peter, the over-ground tram...."All these sounds blend into the real accustics of the market hall itself...." says Michael Pendry. The visitor seems to be unable to differentiated between real sounds of the market hall and the sounds of the installation. The line between reality and sound clouds seems to blurr.

Bringing ART to the people

Pendry is driven by his desire to get through to those people for whom visiting cultural facilities is rather unusual. Apart from “Das apokalyptische Weib“ the light and video installations “Sacre Coeur“ and “Störung“ (Disturbance), staged inside several Munich churches, were further highlights in the
career of this multimedia artist.
Wellknown to the public is Michael Pendry already since his installation "Stern des Südens" ( star of the south) in 2009. Lighting the rotor blades of a nearly 100 m high wind wheel just outside Munich is definitely one of
his most ambitious projects. With the realisation of this spectacular show of lights and colour the multimedia artist Michael Pendry is setting a new highlight in his career as an artist.