Sacre Coeur

Light&Video Installation | St.Martin| Munich-Moosach 2007

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Light &Video Installation for the "Nights of the churches", St.Martin, Munich- Moosach 2007

The church as a space that gives calm peaces and silence, a space that contributes a sense of security and gives comfort. The installation "Sacre coeur" is toying with all this traditional ideas of a church space and leads them towards a new approach of contemplation.

A large than life projection of a human eye is shown in the more ore less plain presbytery, the devine eye. Historically the devine eye is usually shown as a symbol in a relief or fresco e.g. in the altarpiece. In SACRE COEUR the devine eye looks directly into the dark and spherical nave of the church, in real time. It looks, glances, sometimes twinkels benevolently, gracious, observing?

From far you can recognise sounds of chorals, church music and a calming and gentle breath. An atmosphere full of mystical spell shows the nave of the church and the whole architecture in a complete new light.

Located in the centre of the apsis, the devine eye...a sound, a breath....maybe a pulse beat that slightly swells. Togehter all of this breathes life into the static space of the church, it nearly creates a living organism.  The church as a symbol of life itself, embracing, affecting mystical, maybe partly frightening aswell.

The pulse beat becomes louder and louder, swells up and down. For a few seconds red blod vessels seem to flash through the apsis, glowing veins in the rhythm of the pulse beat, the heart beat of the church. Everything seems to pulsate, to glow, to breathe.....