Michael Peter Pendry

Artist and Designer

“I am closing my eyes to see...” Paul Gaugin

Michael Peter Pendry, born in Stuttgart 1974, Artist and designer

The designer, constantly oscillating between Munich and London, shaped his understanding of space,light and shadow at the Rosenheim academy studying interior design and stage design (1994-1999). The basis for his productions Pendry got from the subsidiary subjects stage design and scenography, allowing today’s light dramaturges to alter our familiar perception of everyday objects in a fundamental way: a concern that keeps Pendry’s motivation alive. He was able to gather his first practical experience as a stage designer during his placement at the Residenztheater in Munich. The theatre lover worked for two seasons as a set assistant under the former artistic director Dieter Dorn. The “Werkraum” of the theatre, owned and run by the city of Munich, a rehearsal room for theatre youngsters, served as the playground for the artist’s experiments. Pendry also underpinned his love for the theatre world as an actor on stage. As a lay actor he now has several smaller jobs at the Pathos-Theater in Munich under his belt.



Bringing art to the people

Pendry is driven by his desire to get through to those people for whom visiting cultural facilities is
rather unusual. Apart from “Das apokalyptische Weib“ the light and video installations “Sacre Coeur“
and “Störung“ (Disturbance), staged inside several Munich churches, were further highlights in the
career of this multimedia artist.

Michael Peter Pendry’s light installations were presented to a larger audience for the first time in
2005. On the occasion of the ”Lange Nacht der Museen“ (long night of museums) in Munich more
than 10,000 visitors of that cultural event were able to marvel at the visual compositions created by
this multimedia artist, who was born in Stuttgart in 1974. “Das apokalyptische Weib” (The
apocalyptic Woman) is what the German with English roots called his opus; here, he projected a
firmament onto the vaults of the Jesuit church in Munich.

Companies- Studios ...

2002 Foundation of the design- and interior studio ZEITRAUM  with Thomas Halbig, Munich

Projects e.g.: Esskultur (Munich), Cafe Maria (Munich), Josef Bar (Munich), Parish hall (Senden), Tech Data (Munich)

2009 Foundation of PENDRY ARTLAB GmbH

PENDRY ARTLAB is based on the idea of a network of creatives. The artlab is meant to bring together people from all sorts of creative working fields and create the most effectfull synergies of creative and artistic sphere of actions. Nevertheless the main target should also always be the implementation of projects. ARTLAB is a creative lab as well as a studio for the implementation of installations of art project not only by MICHAEL PETER PENDRY but all sorts of multidisciplinary projects in the working fields of ART | Multimedia | Design | Light. Another very important target of the ARTLAB is to develope and fructify the dialogue between art & economy.

Independent Projects

1998 Foundation of the project Cafe Helga/ Goldankauf

Association of artists - a group project | Munich 1997 - 2001

2003 Theatre project„ Als ich heute aufwachte…“

Adapted on motives of Anton Tschechows play "Drei Schwestern" Transporttheater, Munich

2005 "Störung"

light-installation in St.Maximilian, Munich, on the occasion of "The long night of music", 3.5.-7.5.2005

2006 "Das apokalyptische Weib"

multimedia-installation in St.Michael, Munich, on the occasion of " Teh long night of the museums", 20.10.-28.10.2006

2007 "Sacre Coeur"

multimedia-installation in St.Martin, Moosach near Munich,

2009/2010 "Der Stern des Südens"

light-installation in  cooperation with SIEMENS/OSRAM, Munich, geplante 29.11.-6.1.2010

2011 "Tiles "

light-installation series, 2011-2013, first set implemented in MIURA Bar/restaurant, Munich  20011   

2011/2012 "Heart series"

wall sculpture series

2012 "Clouds"

multimedia-installation sponsored by AUDI, Munich,  25.10.-17.11.2012